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Monday, Nov. 20, 2000

At the entrance to her townhouse community, the victim was attacked around 6p.m. by a man who walked up to her asking for directions. When close enough, he grabbed her, put her in a headlock and attempted to rob her. The female, a military officer, was able to fight back and removed the attacker of […]

Thursday, Jan. 13, 2000

As the victim walked home around 7:30p.m. from a community center, she as approached from behind by the attacker. He put a knife to her throat and asked for money before forcing her into the nearby wooded area and raped her. There was a nearby construction site and several apartment buildings. 7309 Fordson Rd, Alexandria […]

Saturday, Jun. 19, 1999

At 11:17p.m., the victim was walking down Richmond Highway passing by a man in a phone booth at a gas station near Memorial St. After passing, the man came up and put her in a headlock and then threatened her with a knife. He forced her to the back steps of a nearby realty office […]

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