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Wednesday, Feb. 19, 1997

An attacker, riding a black 10-speed bicycle, approached the victim as she walked home from work. The ECR initiated a conversation prior to pulling a gun on her and forcing her into nearby woods. He raped her and then fled on his bicycle.

6800 Block of Marlboro Pike. Forestville, MD.

East Coast Rapist Captured


A brazen, cold-blooded rapist has terrorized five communities across the East Coast for 14 years. Police need your help to find him.

A neighborhood stalker who won’t stop until he’s caught, this man has violently attacked 17 women in:

  • Prince Georges County, Maryland (1997, 1998, 2001).
  • Fairfax County, Virginia (1998, 2000, 2001)
  • Leesburg, Virginia (2001).
  • Cranston, Rhode Island (2006).
  • New Haven, Connecticut (2007).
  • Prince William County, Virginia (2009).

These attacks have been linked through DNA. Police have looked at and cleared over 700 suspects. Call police if YOU have information; with DNA it’s easy to rule out innocent people. Your tips are vital and may be the information police need.

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