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If you know anybody who may fit any of these descriptions at the location or during the time of the attacks, please let us know. We have DNA linking these cases and can quickly and easily rule anyone out.

Description from 1997 attacks:

  • Black male.
  • Early to mid 20s
  • May have a chipped or missing tooth.
  • Between 5’7″-5’10” about 150lbs

Description from 1998-2000 attacks:

  • Black male.
  • In his 20s
  • 5’6″-5’9″ tall and 150-200lbs
  • Wears black clothing, ski hat, possibly a gold necklace

Description from 2001 attacks:

  • Black male.
  • Mid 20s
  • Approx. 6ft tall, 185-210lbs
  • Wore black mask, red shirt, black pants.

Description from 2006-2008

  • Black male.
  • Wore leather and/or latex gloves
  • Smells of cigarettes
  • Wears cologne
  • Wore North face jacket

Description from the 2009 attack:

  • Black male.
  • In his 40s
  • Wore a black mask
  • Spoke through clenched teeth

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