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Learning To Play Poker The Right Way

Online poker is earning an involving popularity within the market these days. Playing them could be a fun way to obtain a rest from your stress and work pressures. Out of this, lots of people for the world are getting into internet poker games. Besides offering significantly of fun and enjoyment, these online games are […]

Improve Your Guard Skill With Self Coaching

Winning a large online poker tournament is a weekend goal for many poker enthusiasts, and also the rewards are usually pretty high. merchandise in your articles win. If individuals win, you have probably spent close to 2 entire days trying, gotten frustrated and in the end went all-in with a bad hand, because your bankroll […]

Friday, Dec. 28, 2001

At around 7:30p.m., a woman, waiting on a bus was approached by a man smoking a cigarette who asked when the next bus was coming. He then threatened her with a knife and forced her to a nearby apartment complex where he raped her behind an electrical box blocked from view by shrubs. She recalls […]

East Coast Rapist Captured


A brazen, cold-blooded rapist has terrorized five communities across the East Coast for 14 years. Police need your help to find him. A neighborhood stalker who won’t stop until he’s caught, this man has violently attacked 17 women in: Prince Georges County, Maryland (1997, 1998, 2001). Fairfax County, Virginia (1998, 2000, 2001) Leesburg, Virginia (2001). […]

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